Sample Moderately Volatile ETF List
(List created on 1/28/2011)

These were the top 24 exchange traded funds recommended by Systems & Forecast, with a moderate degree of price volatility. ETF's were selected from a universe of approximately 800 exchange traded funds excluding leveraged and income funds. S&F Ranks were determined by weighting composite short-term and long-term price performance.

S&F Rosters of Top Performing ETF's are created every 60 days, and performance of the rosters is updated in every issue.

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Rank SYMBOL Name Objectve Risk 1 Mo %Chge 3 Mo %Chge 12 Mo %Chge %G/L Since Inception
{Rank} {SYMBOL} {Name} {Objectve} {Column_1_Low_Risk_9_High_Risk} {Column_1_Mo___Chge} {Column_3_Mo___Chge} {Column_12_Mo___Chge} {G_L_Since_1_28_11}

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