Why Open an Investment Account with Signalert, Publisher of Systems & Forecasts?

Signalert Asset Management has served clients for over forty years with active portfolio management aimed to grow and preserve financial assets. Read more about our managed accounts and customized trading programs at Signalert.com.

What is active portfolio management?

Active portfolio management means that client portfolios are reviewed every day, and portfolio managers take action.

  • When market conditions appear favorable, clients' money is placed in what are believed to be the most productive types of stocks, funds and bonds.

  • If technical indicators suggest that the market climate is at risk of deterioration, client assets are moved into other investments, or into cash.

The focus is on capital preservation as well as account growth.

Why do clients value Signalert's active management style?

The Signalert money management team has served clients for over thirty eight years. Each client has a diversified portfolio that has been created with the goal of meeting his or her personal investment needs. The active management strategies have a long track record of protecting client assets during market declines, while profiting during favorable market climates.

Personal Connection

Investors appreciate the availability of a personal account manager assigned to them at Signalert to review their financial plans at any time.

Who to Contact

Call for more information at 516.829.6444 or email us at clientservices@signalert.com.

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Managed Account Portfolios Utilize:

Individual high paying dividend stocks.

Top performing equity mutual funds

Top performing exchange traded Funds (ETF’s)

High yield bond mutual funds

Foreign bond funds

Investment-grade bonds

Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)

Preferred stocks

Covered calls, if appropriate