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No matter what your degree of experience, from new investor to expert, self-directed day trader, Systems & Forecasts can enlarge your understanding of the markets, and provide you with practical tools and information to assist in making your financial decisions.

What reports are available for those who know little about investing?

Gerald Appel and Dr. Marvin Appel, editors of Systems & Forecasts, have written many articles about how to start out, including:

  1. Strategies for Financial Survival
  2. Where to Invest in a Low Interest Environment
  3. Why invest in Exchange Traded Funds?

How about articles on technical analysis?

Gerald Appel is the inventer of the MACD (Moving Average Congergence/Divergence) Indicator, and both Gerald and Marvin Appel have written extensively about how to use charting patterns and techniques to replace emotional trading with empirical data and trend analysis. Reports include:

  1. An Overview of MACD
  2. NYSE Advances and Declines
  3. New High New Low Indicator

What materials are available for self-directed investors?

Those wishing advice on how to manage their own portfolios might have an interest in these materials:

  1. Dr. Marvin Appel's presentation to the NYC Chapter of the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) entitled "Equity Strategies that Earn Income: Stocks, ETFs and Options"
  2. High Yield Bond Funds
  3. Must Have Mutual Funds

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Technical Analysis

Investment ReportsInvestment Reports Marvin Appel

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