Why Systems & Forecasts?

Systems & Forecasts is an investment newsletter that provides fundamental and technical analysis of the stock market. In addition to commentary, the newsletter offers practical guidance to subscribers in managing their personal portfolios. Each issue provides an overview of the markets, recommendations on stocks, ETF's or mutual funds, rosters of top-performing exchange traded funds, model portfolios that self-directed investors can follow, and continuously updated buy and sell signals.

Who writes the newsletter?

Gerald Appel and Dr. Marvin Appel, editors of Systems & Forecasts, are principals of two investment firms located in Great Neck, New York, Signalert Corporation and Appel Asset Management Corporation. They are authors, frequent commentators and speakers in the financial media.

When is it published?

Systems & Forecasts is emailed to subscribers twice a month, usually on Wednesday mornings, with market updates delivered twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Market updates can also be accessed via telephone hotline, or in pdf format.

Who to contact

For information regarding signup rates, subscriptions, or content contact Signalert Corporation at 1.844.829.6444.


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